Title: Soulsnatcher
    Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing
    ISBN*: 978-1499251777
    Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal,
    Dystopian, Crime, Supernatural
    Publication Date: April, 2014
    Formats*:E-Book, Paperback
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    Editorial Reviews
    "Kerry Alan Denney's SOULSNATCHER grabs you by both the heart and the
    throat, as children with incredible powers are put in the path of villains with
    truly horrific ambitions. Here is a story rife with adventure, suspense, and a
    dash of humor, and it had me turning the pages deep into the night--and it
    will have you doing the same."

      ---James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE EYE OF GOD
          and the SIGMA FORCE series

    "Soulsnatcher transcends genre, delving into the basic human desire to
    protect those who are persecuted. An edge-of-the-seat read I could not
    put down. Highly recommended."

      ---Lynda Fitzgerald, author of If Truth Be Told, Of Words & Music, and
          the LIVE series

    Children with extraordinary psychic powers are being used as pawns in a
    deadly supernatural war. Jasmine "Jazz" Tandy and her nine-year-old son
    Chaz, who can heal people with his touch, are fleeing from a ruthless
    organization that kidnaps these children. Children such as Kaylee Daley,
    who can control and manipulate plant life, and Mara Fleming, who can see
    into the future. Their only hope for salvation is a covert group called the
    Guardians, who protect these children from the organization's merciless

    Dr. Larssen Sössnacher, the organization's leader--called "Soulsnatcher"
    by the remarkable children he abducts and exploits--believes Chaz is the
    miraculous prodigy who will grant him the immortality he craves... and he'll
    stop at nothing to get Chaz.

    Cody Jackson, a Guardian and martial arts and weapons expert, rescues
    Jazz and Chaz from Soulsnatcher's hunters and takes them to Homestead,
    a safe haven where the children learn to use their powers to help others.
    But Soulsnatcher's hunters raid Homestead and battle the Guardians in a
    surreal deadly showdown--with the souls of all the children as the ultimate

"The Reality Bender"
Latest Release: Soulsnatcher; Upcoming Release (Feb, 2015): JAGANNATH
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