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A. Grimes of Texas, 4 Stars: A quick and easy read touching on many great points of the law of attraction. Perfect
for those new to the law and for those "experienced" with the law.

I liked the personal examples, and the many great hypothetical examples as well!! Easy to understand and "get".

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction. :)
Praise for Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction
D. Rich of Arizona, 5 Stars: David writes clearly about his observations and ideas regarding the Laws of Attraction.
This small book is an easy read, though not overly simplistic, and offers good information to both newcomers and
seasoned practitioners. I strongly recommend it.
K. White, 5 Stars: I really like the way the author uses real life examples and doesn't pretend there is a magical or
quick fix for obtaining an abundant life. The book is written in a way anyone can understand and apply to
whatever area of their life they'd like to improve.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to "stretch" their thinking and take realistic steps to improve
their life.
T. Glazer of Israel, 5 Stars: I think "Abundance..." is the first non-fictional self-help type of book I was able to read
from the first page to the last one.I usually give up after the first pages...I liked the direct approach of the author,
the way he organized his discourse - how the stream of thoughts flow from one chapter to the other. The book
Mr. Lowell's book came into my life at the very moment I needed it and for this I am grateful.I would highly
recommend it for anyone that is on the path of self-discovery and doesn't know where or how to start.
About the Author

David Lowell was born in Rhode Island.  He is married and has one child.  Right
from childhood he had an interest in the ability of the mind, body, and spirit to
have a significant impact one's life experience.  He continues to educate himself
in the field of personal development and enjoys the success of the Practical
Manifestations Project.
About Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction

We take a common sense and rather scientific approach to understanding our
ability to create changes in our environment and in ourselves.

The first half of the book looks at life and our daily decisions in terms of energy.
We can all feel the difference between what is good for us and what is bad.
Each person must define for themselves what is good for them. What is good for
me may not be good for the next guy.

The first half explains why, energetically, we practice common sense and it feels
good. Sometimes we need to be told the reason behind common sense to
motivate us to put in the extra effort.
The second half of the book shows the door to limitlessness.  When people honestly try to do the right thing and help one
another, they have progressed to a new energy level.   On this new energy level plane they are able to channel the energy
flowing through them to produce real changes in their environment and in themselves.

At this point people just need to believe that they really can make these changes in their environment and in themselves. They
then have progressed to the higher energy level and have an understanding of positive and negative energy flow (polarity).   
This opens the mind/body/spirit to the realization that we are all limitless in our potential.
“I received this book for free from [...] for my review. David Lowell grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA and acquired two degrees one in Civil
Engineering and German. He is married to Pamela David's message is to stay positive 24/7 and in his book he teaches more than just the law of
attraction but how to stay positive in difficult situations we deal with every single day with examples.
"The ego is I in his book and True Self is separate from the mind and body, which is the principle behind life, action, feeling and thought."

It is important to know how our ego works in everyday life vs. the true self. What I love best is his example of learning how to do everything out of
gratitude and in serving others so our ego doesn't get in our way. He also shows us how to smile "all the time" even if you are in a bad mood,
because it turns the negativity into positive energy and changes the mood around us.

The real life examples can help anyone take a bad attitude and turn it into positive. For example, in dealing with others who are just down and out
we need to send love to them. Just changing our karma to good will help the other person change around you or flee elsewhere. I know from
experience that it works.
This book is not the same old "law of attraction" of ask, believe, receive and faith. It is much more in depth and helps the skeptics feel better about
themselves and the world around them.”

Jackie Paulson of Waukegan, Illinois
Freelance Editor
Overcoming The Current Paradigm To Realize Your True Potential In Life

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